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in a relative hurricane drought, connecting energy, policy and disasters make little scientific sense. even the ipcc in its latest report would never -- you know, they act like scientists occasionally even though most climate science is junk science, they even would never tie an event ike this to climate change. here's the thing that i pointed out to you, andrew, the last category 3 hurricane was wilma, that was seven years ago. this is the longest period in a century in terms of how long we've been between category 3. back in 1954, between august '54 and august of 1955, the east coast saw three different storms make landfall each of which caused twice as much damage as sandy. now you weren't born in 1954. it caused twice as much. here's the chart of the average global temperature and this quietly was reported by the uk climate office. that shows the average variability from 14 degrees celsius which is the average. there's the no discernible rise in 16 years. >> cuomo's point he was trying to stay out of the controversial subject. he said the political ban derte doesn't want to get to. his
gartman will talk energy and commodity trading. >> lots of damage to report in the new york city area, more than 50 homes were destroyed by fire last night in breezy point queens. just east of cone any islands, more than 170 firefighters were on the scene. and separately more than 200 patients were evacuated last night from new york university's medical center after power went out. patients some on respirators operating on battery power were taken to other hospitals. and check this video out. a crane on this luxury high rise building, that's under construction, topping over on 57th street, the 90 story building looks over central park. luxury apartments telling for tens of millions of dollars. the crane could be seen blowing in the wind for most of the night and officials there trying to figure out how to get that down eventually. >> to find out how much rain and wind sandy will be packing and where it's heading next, jen carfagno has the forecast. >> between morning. so we are still dealing with central winds of 65 miles an hour with the super storm sandy. the pressure is coming up a
for affordable energy. john this is a shocking situation if you're not in the middle of it, haven't been in the situation where you don't have enough gas to get to work you don't realize how bad things are. how long do you think this continues and what exactly is happening? >> becky it happens after every hurricane whether on the gulf coast, florida and unfortunately in the metropolitan area in new york. the supply siders are doing everything they know how to do. so you broaden utility crews from across the country, trying to get electricity restored, the oil companies are doing everything they can do within the limits of safety, and regulation to get supply out to the public. we also have to do something different on the demand management side. what's happening is that the demand side is descending into chaos and you see it in the gas lines. this could get to gunfire if it continues in the way it's going now. my recommendation is for the governors of new jersey, new york and connecticut, come together, go to an odd/even rationing plan, cut the demand in half every day by going to odd/ev
it around. we'll see when that meeting gets back on the calendar. we won't be getting the energy department's usual look at oil and gasoline inventories normally released at wednesday 10:30 a.m. eastern. if you're looking for an early winner on wall street today, check out shares of generac holdings. i think both of these folks have generac. >> we do. >> let's get to phil lebeau with earnings on gm. >> hi, andrew. we do have general motors, it is far better than expected than the third quarter. the estimate on the street was for 60 cents a share. it worked out to about $1.5 billion, revenue almost $2 billion better than expected. couple of numbers to keep an eye on. europe, gm losing $500 million in the third quarter, now expecting to lose between $1.5 billion and $1.8 billion. we're going to hop on the gm conference call in a few minutes to see if they have any more clarity in terms of restructuring. and don't forget, we've have the cfo joining us in about 15 minutes. but again, earning 85 cents a share in the third quarter. >> and phil, we can see in the premarket that stock's up by about
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5